Plastic-metal composite parts

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Plastic-metal composite parts

We manufacture high-precision technical plastic-metal composite parts from all common thermoplastic materials, as well as bondable strip surfaces, alloyed and unalloyed stamped strips.

Intelligent combination of plastic and metal meets the high requirements for the most diverse product areas: automotive, e-mobility in passenger cars, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, e-bikes and many other applications.

Reliable manufacturing processes using high-precision injection molding machines from the Arburg and Engel brands are the foundation of our high product quality. We manufacture parts with special requirements in terms of cleanliness under clean room conditions. We manufacture plastic-metal composite parts with overmolded electronics in our ESD area. For plastic-metal composite parts, the range is from 2 to 150 cm³ part volume with 2K and 3K technology and closing forces of up to 300 kN (~300 t).

We are particularly proud of our high level of expertise in our approach to the design of conductor tracks and pre-molded parts.

We live up to our aspiration to be a system integrator through close cooperation with our customers and through our extensive experience in both the injection molding of plastics and the production of stamped parts, allowing us to take full advantage of synergy effects. For us, combining the highest level of quality with maximum cost effectiveness goes without saying.

Our plastic-metal composite parts are already used today in future-oriented systems and assemblies:


  • Electromobile vehicles
  • Autonomous driving systems
  • Emission reduction systems
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Thermal management systems in engines
  • Control and power electronics
  • Exhaust gas recirculation and braking systems
  • Control units for ABS and control systems
  • Kinematics, switching valve systems and mechanical / electronic adjustment mechanisms,
  • Locking systems
  • Electric power assisted steering
  • And much more

We can supply you with the following products.



  • Plugs and connectors
  • Housing assemblies
  • Electronic assemblies
  • Mechanical components for control and power electronics
  • Mechanical components for insulation displacement and grinding contact plugs
  • Components for switching, control and connection functions
  • Mechanical and mechatronic function groups
  • Complex connection systems

We process all common unreinforced and reinforced technical plastics, as well as high-temperature plastics. We use hot runner technology in almost all tools.

Depending on the customer's wishes and the level of cost effectiveness required, we manufacture our plastic-metal composite parts using fully or semi-automatic production cells with handling systems, or using manual assembly processes.


  • Insert technology + outsert technology

  • Fully automatic and semi-automatic production cells
  • Manual assembly processes
  • Single and multiple component injection molding
  • Horizontal + vertical round plate technology
  • Assembly stations for complete assemblies (see assemblies)
  • Process data acquisition including tool internal pressure measurement
  • Inline test method and packaging

We currently offer the following joining and finishing technologies:


  • Joint sealing technologies (potting and sealing)
  • Fully automatic silicone sealing lip application (1K, 2K) with moisture storage
  • Crimping technologies
  • Hot riveting and/or hot caulking
  • Compression joints between plastic-plastic
  • Insulation displacement connections for mechanical joining of microswitches, transistors, Hall effect sensors (with ESD and clean room production)
  • Laser, resistance and ultrasonic welding
  • Laser marking with data matrix code
  • Soldering

We are continuously expanding our skills in new technologies.

We carry out 100% inspections of special characteristics on a customer-specific basis with end-of-line testers developed internally (see link to special purpose machines).

You can find more information about our metal and plastic materials, production technologies, processes and machinery by following the links to plastic parts and stamped strips.


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