Reel-to-reel overmolded contact parts

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Reel-to-reel overmolded contact parts

We have mastered the art of reel-to-reel overmolding on strip spraying systems designed by us. On these strip spraying systems, we overmold lead frames in high-volume production under economically optimized conditions.

Thanks to our tailor-made conveyor systems, often also called reel-to-reel systems, which we design and build ourselves, we guarantee you maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness.

In the conveyor systems, the bending, free/final stamping and/or separation of delicate lead frames is integrated before and after the injection molding process. This linking of the spraying and stamping processes guarantees maximum cost effectiveness for reel-to-reel overmolded contact parts and pre-molded parts.


  • Plugs and contact elements for a wide variety of applications
  • Circuit boards for braking and control systems
  • Control and power electronics
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Plastic-metal composite elements
  • Pre-molded parts for further internal processing (insert technology)


Product group: Reel-to-reel overmolded contact parts

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