Supply Chain Management

Ensuring that everything flows smoothly

Supply Chain Management

With our broad value and supply chain, we ensure everything from the procurement of our raw materials to delivery of our products in the required packaging. We work hard to optimize resources at all times.

All common standard forms of packaging

We offer you individually designed packaging for all requirements for your stamped-bent parts, plastic injection-molded parts and plastic-metal composite parts and assemblies. We also use tape & reel processes for process-based further processing.

Tray and blister packaging

We integrate the packaging you provide, our own packaging or disposable packaging into the manufacturing process. From the moment we start planning in the development phase of the project, we define machinery and equipment on the basis of components and processes.

Tape & reel

From commonly used standard packaging to specially developed solutions, we offer you the full range. With the tape & reel system, packaging of the stamped parts is optimized for automation. Fully automatic assembly greatly simplifies assembly handling and ensures highly efficient and cost effective further processing. The tapes are made of static and antistatic plastic with state-of-the-art equipment and monitored optically by camera systems.

Industry applications


Electrical engineering

Precision engineering

Building services engineering

Consumer goods

Mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing