Certified quality


No defects and excellent products – that's our understanding of quality. We work closely together with our customers and plan quality consistently in advance to achieve our high quality standards.

Reproducible quality makes the difference

We leave nothing to chance. We have introduced an efficient and sustainable quality management system for our locations in Marktschellenberg in southern Germany and Zalaegerszeg in Hungary.

Consistent planning and optimization of our processes is what allows us to achieve your requirements and expectations systematically. Our quality is therefore not once-only, it is continuous and reproducible.

We plan our quality in advance and use our FMEA tools systematically. We coordinate the measurement strategy for our products individually and proactively with our customers. Our suppliers and subcontractors are also certified and guarantee a reliable and uninterrupted production chain.

Our companies are certified at both plants to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.

Comprehensive quality checks for zero-defect products

We attach great importance to defect-free products and minimum production risks, and we ensure both with our quality assurance system and the work of every single employee of psm protech.

From as early as the inquiry stage, we review our offers thoroughly, assess their feasibility in detail in cooperation with all specialized departments and discuss the results with our customers. For the initial sample inspection, we use the PPAP production process and product part approval process as standard.

For all characteristics relevant to quality, we carry out the required in-production or product-specific inspections. On starting high-volume production, we work proactively and independently of the production line status to implement a CIP project designed to provide full support for the start of production in the safe launch phase.

State-of-the-art measuring equipment

We use state-of-the-art 3D measuring machines, both during production and for new samples. And we use measuring machines from the same manufacturer across all locations. For special analysis, for example rheological, chemical or mechanical inspection, we rely on competent external partners.

But aside from modern methods, the strongest drivers of our quality improvement process are every single employee. We place particular emphasis on continuous and ongoing training. Our employees assess every single step in the process from a quality perspective, and can track down defects and identify potentials. To ensure that internal complaints are initiated proactively, we actively encourage our employees to contribute to our database of ideas.

The responsibilities of our quality assurance

  • Monitoring of in-production inspections
  • Initial sample inspection reporting
  • Goods receipt inspections
  • Complaint processing
  • Test equipment management

Our portfolio includes

  • FMEA via Plato software
  • 6 sigma processes
  • 8D report
  • Process capability analysis
  • Measuring equipment capability analysis
  • Ishikawa method
  • DoE and Pareto analysis
  • Cleanliness analysis

Measuring equipment

  • Tactile and optical measurement using 3D method
  • Surface roughness
  • Circumferential contour measurements
  • Surface tensions
  • Tensile/pressure tests at component level
  • Leak tests
  • Plastic moisture
  • Microscopy

We would be happy to send you our list of machinery on request.

Industry applications


Electrical engineering

Precision engineering

Building services engineering

Consumer goods

Mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing