Technologies and processes at psm protech


Together with our special purpose machine engineering, toolmaking is one of the key skills of psm protech. Our 40 highly qualified employees – most trained at psm protech – have many years of experience in mold and section engineering.

In-house mold and section engineering for customer-specific production

Our in-house toolmakers provide high-performance mold and section engineering and are equipped to deal with the ever-increasing complexity of projects and products in the future.

We use the resources we have efficiently and, depending on customer requirements, guarantee maximum flexibility in plastic injection molding technology, stamping technology, insert/outsert technologies and component assembly.

With these capabilities, we take responsibility and work in close cooperation with our customers. We focus on core skills and work with strategic partners on system solutions designed to ensure optimum use of resources.

The high standards expected of us are our biggest motivator!

Modular and long-lasting tools for fully automatic production

Tools from psm protech are long-lasting high-performance tools in a modular design. Dimensional accuracy and reproducibility are our first priority, and serve as a basic prerequisite for fully automatic further processing of the products during the development of our production processes.

psm protech specializes in the production of precision products in large lot sizes – from stamped-bent parts and plastic injection-molded parts to plastic-metal composite parts and complex assemblies. We put every effort into making our tools and equipment easy to maintain and use.

psm protech can therefore offer you added value for every production run. Many years of technical expertise combined with the highest levels of safety and cost-effectiveness enable perfect, customized individual tool components and tailor-made solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Mold and section engineering – injection molding tools and stamping-bending tools from a single source.Our machinery is designed for all machining steps in soft and hard machining of the individual tool components. Our ERP system ensures accurate capacity planning and scheduling. We are particularly proud of our continuously implemented integration solutions in the CAD/CAM chain. We are already tracking our graphite electrode production from the milling center to sink erosion using RFID technology.

  • Sink erosion center
  • Wire erosion center
  • Milling center
  • Grinding center
  • Tool assembly center (new building)
  • Tool maintenance

We have test presses in place for efficient coordination of the finished tool.

Injection molding tools

  • Series production injection molding tool with highly complex metal inserts
  • Series production injection molding tool for reel-to-reel overmolding
  • Simple tools for small production runs
  • Prototype tools

Stamping-bending tools

  • Follow-on composite tools in modular design
  • Combination tools
  • Stamping-bending tools and equipment
  • Separating tools and equipment
We would be happy to send you our list of machinery on request.