Technologies and processes at psm protech


In the design of injection-molded parts, hybrid parts and stamped parts, we offer you simulations, toolmaking and production from a single source

Simulation of injection-molded parts

We simulate our injection molding tools proactively. We use state-of-the-art simulation methods to calculate our company cluster, flow fronts, filling processes, shrinkage and distortion, also making allowance for effects such as cascade number, insert parts, moving cores and much more.

With our simulations, we can thoroughly examine the real injection process, and our documented store of experience allows us to make the best possible predictions. This means that we need fewer correction loops, and we can replace any injection tests required with virtual simulation calculations.

Standardized stamped-bent parts

We are committed to the standardization of our stamping and bending tools. With our modular approach to design, we have built up a deep store of knowledge in the form of a digital construction kit. This makes us both innovative and at the same time highly flexible.

In-house toolmaking and production

That's exactly why design at psm protech is in a position of great responsibility between early assembly development, planning and production, and carries it off successfully.

Our designers work hand in hand with project management on the product realization process. In addition to full customer orientation, all aspects of production and toolmaking are combined and considered in-house, which means that we can offer everything from a single source.

Our highly qualified designers make allowance for the findings from the simulations in tool design. The technical knowledge available in all departments is incorporated into the tool design. We also have access to a central knowledge database in the form of our company wiki. When the design is complete, the CAD data is prepared for the CAM chain.

We are state-of-the-art.