Perfect solutions for our customers


Future-oriented, reliable, high-quality: psm protech combines innovation and state-of-the-art technology with sustainability and environmental awareness, and stands behind a zero-defect philosophy underlying all plastic-metal composite parts, reel-to-reel overmolded contact parts, assemblies, plastic injection-molded parts and stamped parts.


Working together in teams, we seek and find the perfect solution for your wishes and requirements. Our own aspirations for ongoing development, quality and cost awareness motivate us to give our best at all times and to regularly review our own performance. This ensures our success and makes us a partner sought after by international industry.

Our employees inspire confidence with their motivation and continuing advanced training. Our workforce is made up of employees from 14 nations working together. Despite having varied origins and different religions, cultures and ways of living and thinking, everyone pulls together to achieve our common goals. For us, the individual is just as important as working in a team. And of course we also have many female managers. Beyond our experience and process expertise, we also offer a broad range of process technologies that enable us to develop novel and reliable solutions, whether for stamped-bent parts, plastic injection-molded parts, hybrid parts in insert/outsert technology or complex assemblies.

With our production location in Hungary and as part of the KERN-LIEBERS group of companies, we have a global presence. On this basis, we are able to manufacture with maximum cost effectiveness across the entire value chain.

Our young management team with ideas and a modern, value-based management style is the hallmark of reliability, honesty and dependability. The ideal basis for long-term and successful partnerships.