Reaching the goal together


It is our employees who give a face to our company and excellence to our products. Because it is only their ideas, their profound expertise and their willingness to provide first class performance that make us so successful today. To achieve our goal of continuing to develop technically sophisticated products in the future, we invest in the best minds. This applies both to the training of junior staff and to the ongoing further development of our employees.

Susanna Riedl

I completed my studies in industrial engineering recently and am now working as a project manager at psm protech. My dream of working in the automotive industry has come true. I particularly appreciate the cooperation with all departments, the short coordination channels in the company and the comprehensive insight into all areas, combined with the added value of the group connection to KERN-LIEBERS.

Markus Ebner

I did my apprenticeship as a toolmaker at psm protech, following my cousin who completed the same training at the company and was very enthusiastic about it. What I like about the job is the fine and very accurate work. After completing my training I was taken on immediately in the new section engineering, where I work very independently and feel very comfortable in the team and in the company.

Katalin Poti

Born in Hungary, I started my training as an industrial management assistant at the company in 2012 and completed it successfully. After completing my apprenticeship, I was then trained for my future job as an assistant in production. As a mother of an 8-year-old daughter, I am pleased with the company's family-oriented approach. I like my work with colleagues from 12 countries and see myself as a link between Hungarian and German culture.

Silvia Graßl

I've been with the company for 20 years now, working as an assistant in production since that time. My responsibilities are very varied, I work independently and look forward to the new challenges I encounter every day. I particularly appreciate the very friendly atmosphere and also the flexibility in my workplace.

Evangelos Karatzas

I've always been enthusiastic about technology. I started at psm protech as a machine operator in production and received further training as a machine setter. What I like about the company are the good working atmosphere, the team work and the motivation of my colleagues. I'm proud of my work and of psm protech as a company.